Better question: Why have I been wasting so much of my life scrolling, comparing and getting lost in the algorithms? 😭

I'm deactivating all my social media accounts (and not touching my Twitter) for all of 2019 as a commitment to myself, my creativity and artistic career. ✌🏼

Pairing this up with a 365 project for my music and I have never been more excited about the year ahead of me. The last 365 project I did for my photography ended up bringing multiple awards, my first three exhibitions (local and international), and tons of features and eyes on my work. More importantly, it helped me build key skills like focus, commitment, discipline and all the right ingredients that you need to have success — whatever it is you do. 🔥

So back to social media. 📵 Why am I disconnecting?

It's something I've been in the process of doing for some time now. Throughout the last year or two I used Instagram little to none, posted on Facebook maybe a handful of times and kept to myself more. I just haven't felt the need and am becoming more frustrated by the distraction along with how these companies are governing themselves.

🚫 Being online 24/7, following the lives of everyone else so closely and anxiously fighting to gain more of a community at the expense of my mind, authenticity or health has led to a lot of negative impacts in my life.

✅ Disconnecting more and more has helped me gain more focus on things I was distracting myself from (like my laughable freelance business at the time), which I've completely transformed in only a year to bring in more than 3x the revenue and free up more time for my art.

Now my finances and work are better I want to transform my art and start making music. Honestly, it's been a lot harder than I expected to get back into it after so long focused on figuring out my work, which is why I need all the mental resources that I can dedicated to making this happen.

There are a few things I'm doing to help with this:

  1. Create a dummy account on Facebook to manage ads/work/pages
  2. Use social media scheduling and management tools for work accounts
  3. Convince your closest friends, family, network to use iMessage or Telegram
  4. Find and follow new sources directly from their newsletter, app, website
  5. Work harder to source your own 'serendipitous' gems for music, art, entertainment recommendations (I'll admit Facebook was tossing me home runs in terms of music related video content lately... Time to strengthen my searches)
  6. Focusing more of my energy to my local community and going out to more events in the city. Now that we live in Montreal, we've starting building our circle and I believe this will help amplify that effort and strengthen the connections.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do without WeRateDogs though...

I haven't had a chance to write as much as I'd like to either (as a writing project with work has taken up that time over the last year), so I'll be updating my website here more frequently with a lot of insights I've gained over the last few years.

I encourage you to reflect on how you are participating online and on social media.

✨ All the best in 2019 ✨