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I do things a little differently than you may be used to with other blogs and publications, so this will help walk you through what to expect as you explore.

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šŸ¤” How It Works

There are 4 main types of posts that I have, all of which may be constantly updated over time with new information, insights, resources and conversations. I believe it's important to always be learning, along with checking back on our assumptions, information and beliefs over time.

Each post is timestamped with the date it was last updated on and includes a linked table of contents to help you navigate the different areas with ease. (Coming soon) There will be the opportunity for paid membership that will include full access to all of the best and most comprehensive content, email newsletter, and a members-only comment section and Q+A to foster productive discussions and growth.

āœØI hope what I write here helps you some way in your life, art, or work.

šŸš§ Currently, this new version is still under development with lots of content for each category on the way in the next few months.

āœļø Works in Progress (Coming Soon)

  1. how I rediscovered my flow with floating (or sensory deprivation tanks)
  2. managing mental health and building a toolkit

šŸ“š Categories

šŸ”Ž Deep Dives

Diving into details of the big, difficult topics I care about that I believe will help improve our lives and the world. Constantly updated and developed over time as I continue learning from my own conversations and research on the experts and organizations directly involved.

Each deep dive article includes:

  1. What I've learned
  2. What I believe
  3. Recommended reading
  4. Credit to experts + organizations

Examples of topics covered:

  • Climate change
  • Drugs, psychedelics, and decriminalization
  • Crime, prison, and cancel culture

ā¤ļø Better Bryce

Explaining specific insights, reflections and lessons from my personal experience that has helped me to become a better version of myself throughout my life. Focused more around perspective, beliefs, behavioural patterns and the process of challenging and improving them, the things that can't quite be put into a guide.

Each Better Bryce article includes:

  1. Where I started (the challenge)
  2. Expanding on my thought process
  3. What helped me make the change
  4. My current stance and advice

Examples of topics covered:

  • Navigating giftedness
  • Breaking down the walls of neoliberalism
  • Choosing to live a (mostly) vegan lifestyle

šŸ”‘ Living Guides

In-depth guides constantly updated with insights, action items and questions. Based on how I live my life and what's worked best for me so far, so hopefully you can pull certain tools, systems or insights to help in your journey.

Each Living Guide article includes:

  1. False assumptions and beliefs
  2. What I've learned
  3. Questions and actions
  4. Recommended tools and resources

Examples of topics covered:

  • Managing mental health and building a toolkit
  • Freelancing and entrepreneurship
  • Finding (or making) work that matters

šŸ”„ Art Vibes

Announcing and dissecting artistic projects or creative experiments that I'm working on, along with the impact it has for myself and the rest of the world. This is where you can stay up to date on my artistic career, as well as take part in collaborative aspects of projects, campaigns and more.

Each Art Vibes article includes:

  1. Exploring intent and mission
  2. Challenges encountered throughout
  3. Dissecting and reflecting on the impact
  4. Insights for you and the future

Examples of projects covered:

  • #EraseBullying - interactive art installation + campaign for LUSH North America
  • 365 photo project