Hi, I’m Bryce – an award-winning artist who’s always looking to level up, gain valuable insights on life, and make a positive impact.

You can send me an email here.

In my short time on this Earth, I’ve had the opportunity to work with top international brands, create projects with a global reach, and exhibit my artwork around the world. I now work on More Floats helping premium float centers bring the power of floating to people around the world.

In 2010, I founded The One Project as the first photography community for people suffering from depression and anxiety. I’ve since become an expert in therapeutic photography for mental health through my writing, teaching, and speaking, including my TEDx talk, How Photography Saved My Life.

My mission is to positively impact one billion people.

Current Focus

✅ Revamping this website and developing the first round of content
✅ Building The One Project into a non-profit and global online community


  • 🧠 Gifted Mind
  • 🧘🏻‍♂️ Meditation
  • 🔥 Relentless persistence
  • ❤️ Ginormous heart


  • 😅 Highly sensitive
  • 🤷🏻‍♂️ Infinitely complex
  • 💯 Recovering perfectionist
  • ☕️ Caffeine and chocolate...

Values + Beliefs

You will eventually see a post on each of these breaking down what I've learned, why I believe this, and resources to look into each more youself.

  • 🏡 Everyone should have their basic needs met, whether it's through a universal basic income, guaranteed housing, or other policies.
  • 🚎 We need to invest in more public transit and it should be free for all
  • 💊 All drugs should be decriminalized, it's a health not criminal issue and we need to reinstate research and use of psychedelics and other drugs for medicinal purposes.
  • 🚨 We need to move from a punitive system to work on helping people better address their past traumas through accessible therapy and mental health systems, while also ensuring people have their basic needs met and are able to reintegrate back into their community again (to avoid recidivism and keeping people stuck in situations and systems that oppress and stoke desperation, competition or violent cycles).
  • 🍺 Alcohol is overrated, dangerous and driven mostly by social pressure, lack of proper health education or services, and especially billions spent on advertising.
  • ☁️ More to come...

Highlights (so far)


  • Created a short documentary on The One Project with VICE

  • Spoke in front of 20,000 young changemakers at WE Day in Vancouver




  • My photography was chosen to be shown in a solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Calgary


  • Two pieces of my art were displayed on over 300 Pattison Onestop screens in 42 malls across Canada for two weeks during Pop-Up Gallery: Retail Revolution and National Youth Arts Week

  • Commissioned for an anti-bullying campaign sparked by an interactive art concept of mine titled #EraseBullying across North America with LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics


  • Exhibited and presented The One Project at Perugia Social Photo Fest in Perugia, Italy during November 2013 — representing Canada in the exhibitions



  • Founded The One Project as the first photography community for depression and anxiety, bringing global recognition to the healing power of photography with our therapeutic photography mental health support group.