The last few years have been an interesting process of reduction, including:

  • selling off 90% of my possessions
  • stopping my consulting and starting a brand new business
  • simplifying and restructuring all of my businesses
  • overhauling my finances and reducing my expenses
  • starting to say no (way) more


After a long period of finding myself endlessly overwhelmed with obligations, feeling spiteful and disconnected from my work, and holding on too much to past projects and accomplishments - this sparked a necessary change for me.

I'm starting to learn the value in less.

I can see how starting from scratch has benefits.

It's vital not to fall into the sunk cost fallacy.

Rather than holding onto thousands of gorgeous photos within hard drives, waiting or wishing that they may some day make money for me or have a use - I decided to give them away under the public domain on Unsplash.

I'd prefer to help and give more value to the world than hold such a tight grip on my creative work that it's only left collecting digital dust.

Or how I always worried about losing my community of 50,000 people on Instagram, despite feeling disillusioned with it for a while.

Travelling and testing out the digital nomad life didn't help at first, as we lived in Thailand for 6 months, but it became apparent immediately upon getting off the plane that I had no true desire to constantly be creating videos (for a possible vlog - ugh!) or scouting out popular locations just to make a post and stress over engagement.

RIP, @artofbryce 💀


Having the time and space across the world to step outside my normal routines and get perspective allowed me to go through this process.

It was one of the most difficult periods of my life.

I'm grateful for it.

🔥 Do what you fucking want, Bryce

Obviously there are important actions you'll have to take throughout your life that you won't want to do - taxes - including during the process of achieving the things you actually do want to do.

But there's a ton that you have control over and don't have to do!

So I created a list of everything that I do, what I love doing, what I hate doing and everything in between.

🛑 Stop doing shit you hate
✅ Do more of what you love

This isn't a nice quote to post for a lil inspiration, it's a core value for me now and has dramatically changed my life.

It was a ton of work spanning across a full year, but now that I'm nearing the end of that marathon I've never been happier, more clear or confident in my life.

I enjoy my work again ✨🙌🏼✨

And my impact for others is growing exponentially 🚀

💸 Financial freedom

Now that I have my financial foundation established better as a business owner and independent artist, I feel free to decouple my creative work from monetary gain.

I am grateful to have this opportunity from work that I'm just as passionate about, in helping more people discover floating (also known as sensory deprivation) and the many unique benefits that it provides, through More Floats.

Anytime that I've made decisions or utilized my creativity from a space of needing to make money, it's never paid off.

The raw expressions and ideas that are fueled from a geniune passion and curiosity spread like wildfire, often faster than I can keep up with them.

I've got a lot to say through my words and work. A backlog of artistic ideas that need to see the light of day.

They are on the way!


❤️ An artist of catharsis

When I strip away all the anxieties and stress that plagued me in the past (thankfully those are completely gone now due to the process above), my core mission is to create as much as I can to become the best version of myself, while allowing others the opportunity to do the same.

I feel a unique gift and deep passion within me to bring life to ideas that help people heal through cathartic experiences, like painting over the words used against them in painful encounters of bullying with the #EraseBullying campaign. Or helping people better understand and communicate their experiences with depression and anxiety through photography with The One Project.

Too many people in this world are holding onto so much pain and trauma that fuels an ugly cycle of suffering across our global family.


We need to heal and I hope to do my part in that process, personally and professionally through my art.

As I open up more time and space for my art, I'm excited to see what's next on the horizon. One of the next steps that I am certain of is diving back into music, something that fell dormant within me for nearly 10 years, and I look forward to reviving.

Concepts are starting to build in my mind and notes for the first album.

💬 Mindful participation

As I continue this process of analyzing my actions and big picture of my life, I want to ensure that my efforts are mindful and effective.

I've also worked hard to build better habits online and choose to participate in the conversations and communities that I believe make the most sense for me, so I'm no longer active on Instagram or Facebook.

Instead, I'm putting some of that time towards learning more code (Javascript and REACT, specifically) to be able to build better tools and communities myself.

You can still find me on Twitter.

I want to make work that's so good you can't ignore it, rather than growth hack my way into people who could care less.


☝🏼This photo is available for free use on Unsplash here.

Reminding myself that none of this is required has been a profound experience of opening up time and focus to make better work and enjoy life more.

🌏 One billion - 1,000,000,000

This new home will act as a space for me to share my insights in my process to continually rediscover the 'art of Bryce' - who I am and how I can have the biggest impact on you and the rest of the World.

With the goal to impact one billion people in my life, there's a lot of room to learn, fail and grow.


I'm grateful for how far I have come already and excited for the rest of the journey.

I'm ready for the next level.

Feel free to come along if you're intrigued. 👇